Spotlight on Success

3 years ago

Mike and Heather Becker, owners of Gale's Carpet One donated glass tiles to the RHS Glass Art program in the amount of $1,500. November 2013

Letter of appreciation from R Recreation for the assistance of the Wolverine Football Players during the Wyoming State NFL Punt, Pass and Kick competition (Read More)

Wyoming Department of Education commends Dallas Myers for being fully compliant on IEP's (Read More)

Riverton Golden K Kiwanis Club has donated $100 to Aspen Park for children in need. February 2013

WHSAA Good Sportsmanship Award Given To Camille Whiteman, Kade Salisbury, Chade Hanson, Andrew Dayton (Read More)

WHSAA Good Sportsmanship Award Given To Chade Hanson (Read More)

First Interstate Bank donated $304.29 for books for students at Ashgrove School. December 2012

Encana donated $3,956 to RHS for stained glass. December 2012

Devon Energy donated $1,000 for a table at the concession stand. December 2012

The United Presbyterian Church donated mittens, gloves, scarves and hats to Jackson School. December 2012

First Interstate Bank donated $696.35 to Aspen Park so that each student received a book. November 2012

Lori McGee presented Michael R. Mahaffey with his High School Diploma under the Wyoming Veterans Commission Operation Recognition Program. (Read More)

WHSAA Good Sportsmanship Award Given To Amy Woodward (Read More)

Devon Energy Corporation donated $500 to the Riverton FFA. November 2012

$500 Volunteer Grant from ConocoPhillips matching Trina Batista's volunteer hours with the RHS Wrestling Team. November 2012

$1,000 donation of supplies from Walmart to Ashgrove School. October 2012

WHSAA Good Sportsmanship Award Given To Volleyball Coach Adrian McNamee and swimmer Kelsy Bastian (Read More)

Fremont County Realtors Association donated supplies to Aspen Park for students in need. October 2012

Aspen Park Parent Group has donated playground equipment in the amount of $11,036 for Aspen Park. October 2012

Kiwanis Golden K donated children's clothing to Jackson School September 2012